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The home construction market of today is filled with tough, savvy customers with a wide range of choices and preferences. We must fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations in quality and service. We must delight them. We must surprise them. And, we will.”


Olsen Custom Homes offers the latest in construction technology meeting and often times exceeding today’s tough structural building standards. Whether your building on the ocean or inland you can feel confident that we will provide you with a home of integrity and security for years of happiness.


Olsen Custom Homes is driven by the people whose opinions we value most, our customers. We start by listening to our customer’s expectations and what they identify as the keys to quality workmanship. As a custom builder, we can incorporate the customer’s expectations and desired features into the design of your home. The natural result of this process is innovation, fresh ideas, new technologies, unique features, and better ways of creating performance, style, and convenience– the hallmark of Olsen Custom Homes.

We know what our customers want and we provide the quality of home that they demand.

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